Holistic model of palliative care in hospital and community nursing

Bojana Filej, Kristijan Breznik, Boris Miha Kaučič, Mojca Saje

Holistic model of palliative care in hospital and community nursing

Číslo: 1/2018
Periodikum: Central European Journal of Nursing and Midwifery
DOI: 10.15452/CEJNM.2018.09.0004

Klíčová slova: holistic model, home environment, hospital setting, palliative care, holistický model, domácí prostředí, nemocniční prostředí, paliativní péče

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Anotace: Aim: In our research we wanted to propose a holistic model of palliative care from the perspective of nurses. Additionally, we compared the presence of specific aspects of palliative care (psychological, physical, social and spiritual) in hospitals and the community/home environment. Design: A quantitative cross-sectional study was used. Methods: The sample consisted of 127 nurses (92 hospital nurses, 35 community nurses). The proposed model was tested using a specific method of structural equation modeling (SEM) known as partial least squares (PLS). Results: Our research confirmed that physical aspects are influenced both by psychological and spiritual aspects, whereas social aspects have only an indirect influence. We detected a statistically significant difference between the hospital and the community environment regarding the impact of psychological aspects on social aspects, and of psychological aspects on physical aspects. Conclusion: Our research highlighted the professional shortcomings of the holistic approach in palliative care as it stands, especially in the community care setting, where it is necessary to ensure in-depth knowledge and skills, and practice within each holistic domain to provide quality treatment to palliative patients.