The Battle for Truth

Dagmar Rychnovska, Martin Kohut

The Battle for Truth

Číslo: 3/2018
Periodikum: New Perspectives

Klíčová slova: propaganda, disinformation, expertise, social network analysis, securitization, Czech Republic

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Anotace: The rise of ‘information disorder’ that undermines Western political principles has become one of the key political concerns in today’s Europe and United States and led to searching for new solutions to the problem of how to fight the spread of mis- and dis-information. The challenges of information disorder, however, are increasingly perceived as a part of the in- formation war – which involves the intentional Russian propaganda using new media. Yet who gets to help our societies build resilience against the information war? This research looks at how this novel problematization of security affects the politics of security expertise. Or, who gains power in this ‘battle for truth’? Building on sociological approaches in security studies, this paper focuses on the Czech Republic as a country that has become very active in the fight against disinformation and analyses the network of actors recog- nized as providing security expertise on information warfare. Based on social network analysis, the research maps the structure of social relations among actors recognized as ex- perts and points out the empowerment of think tanks and journalists, who are able to build social capital, mobilize their knowledge of Russian politics and the new media environ- ment, and design new practices to make the society resilient towards information warfare.