Francis’ Idea of the Church

Mark Joseph Zammit

Francis’ Idea of the Church

Číslo: 1/2021
Periodikum: Acta Universitatis Carolinae Theologica
DOI: 10.14712/23363398.2021.5

Klíčová slova: Church; Ecclesiology; Evangelisation; Francis; Mission; People of God; Reform; Theology of the people

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Anotace: In the past eight years, since the election of Francis as the first Latin American pontiff in history, the Church has experienced new manners of being and acting. Even though she has also been in a constant state of aggiornamento, Francis’ vision has contributed greatly to this concept of being a perfect image of the ideal Church of Christ (cf. Ecclesiam Suam 10) and a better servant of humanity. The objective of this study is to present an outline of Francis’ main ecclesiological concepts, in the awareness that this endeavour can never be completely exhaustive. For this reason, the article is divided into two main sections. In this first one, the bedrocks of his ecclesiological thoughts are studied. These include his Jesuit vocation, the CELAM conferences and vision, and the Argentine theology of the people. In the second section, his main ecclesiological themes are analysed: the people of God, a poor Church for the poor, ecumenism, reform, and an ecological Church.