Sergey Popov


Číslo: 4/2018
Periodikum: Path of Science
DOI: 10.22178/pos.33-1

Klíčová slova: linguoculturology; cognition; explanatory; related sciences; cause-effect relations

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Anotace: The article is devoted to the substantiation of the possibility and necessity of deepening the subject of linguoculturology to the causes of the existence of cultural phenomena, with which certain phenomena of language are associated. Linguoculturology, including the one progressively having a comparative component, focuses on the connection between language phenomena and cultural phenomena, but does not attempt to explain the reasons for the existence of such cultural phenomena, while this would help to understand with much greater degree of evidence the causes of the specifics of language phenomena due to the specifics of such cultural phenomena. In the article on examples of linguocultural definitions of the connection of linguistic phenomena with certain cultural phenomena, the possibility and necessity of explaining the reasons of the existence of cultural phenomena that determine the specificity of the language phenomena correlating with them is demonstrated.