Selection of the Optimal Way of Linear Ordering of Objects

Agnieszka Sompolska-Rzechuła

Selection of the Optimal Way of Linear Ordering of Objects

Číslo: 1/2021
Periodikum: Statistika

Klíčová slova: Linear ordering of objects, selection of method of linear ordering, level of socio-economic development, sustainable development

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Anotace: The aim of the article was to assess selected methods of linear ordering of objects and choosing the optimal method. The measures based on different properties of the synthetic variable were selected for evaluation. The selection of the optimal linear ordering procedure is the last step in creating a synthetic variable and is often not included in the research. The analysis was based on data from the EUROSTAT database (2017) countries. The level of socio-economic development in the context of sustainable development for 28 European Union was adopted as the ordering countries. The paper proposes a comparison of results in various methods, e.g. due to the way of normalization of diagnostic features or type of methods (based on a pattern object or a non-pattern object). Out of all the selection methods for this study, the TOPSIS methods based on zero unitarization proved to be the optimal.