Modern Trends in Airport Self Check-in Kiosks

Jarmila Sabatová, Jozef Galanda, František Adamčík, Martin Jezný, Radoslav Šulej

Modern Trends in Airport Self Check-in Kiosks

Číslo: 20/2016
Periodikum: Magazine of Aviation Development
DOI: 10.14311/MAD.2016.20.02

Klíčová slova: Air transport process; Booking; Graphical user interface; Kiosk; Self check-in, Proces letecké dopravy; Rezervace; Grafické uživatelské prostředí; Stánek; Samostatné odbavení

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Anotace: Due to maintain the flow of the check-in process of air passengers, it is essential that services that ensure this process have been carried as quickly and effectively. One of the major current problems in this area is the efficiency of clearance of a large number of passengers over the check-in counters. By the gradual development of so-called self check-in services eventually delegate some activities in check-in process to passengers and the entire clearance process to speed up. In this article the authors deal with current state of the use of self check-in services in the world and predict the expected evolution of these services in the future. Subsequently, the authors present a new design of self-service kiosk and graphical user interface (GUI) of application such self-service check-in kiosk based on the analysis of the functions and features of similar solutions available on the market and with considering all currently known IATA requirements and the criteria relating to disabled passengers in order to lighten the load check-in counters and thereby accelerated the clearance of the passenger at the airport. The aim of the authors was to create a cost competitive solution offering such new features and services that do not offer other solutions, with an emphasis on improving the efficiency of the check-in process of passengers at the airport.