Odraz demografického stárnutí v ekonomice regionů České republiky

Martina Šimková

Odraz demografického stárnutí v ekonomice regionů České republiky

Číslo: 2/2021
Periodikum: Demografie

Klíčová slova: Ageing of population, regional input-output tables, regional employment, social and health care

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Anotace: Demographic ageing is an ongoing issue in the Czech Republic, but this phenomenon has a different regional

impact. The main issue is the impact of ageing on cities, towns, and rural areas, which will be reflected
in the corresponding expenditures on health and social care. In the future there may be big differences between
the structure of the population in different regions. This projection serves as the basis here for a simulation
of impacts using an input-output analysis. The combination of regional input-output tables and regional
demographic projection should produce useful results. The increased demand for health care and social services
is estimated up to the year 2050. The impact on the regional economy is expressed by the change in regional
output and employment. The analysis shows the estimated increase in the amount of health and social services
that will be required in the future compared to 2020 in relation to expected trends based on demographic