Evaluation Method of Frangible Bullets Frangibility

J. Komenda, X. S. Bui, R. Vítek, L. Jedlička

Evaluation Method of Frangible Bullets Frangibility

Číslo: 2/2017
Periodikum: Advance in military technology
DOI: 10.3849/aimt.01169

Klíčová slova: frangible ammunition, frangibility of bullet, quantification of frangibility, metal powder

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Anotace: The article deals with the quantification of frangibility of the frangible bullets, which has high practical significance in evaluating the capability of a bullet to fragment upon impact on the target or obstacle and which allows comparison between the different types of the frangible bullets. In this article new original evaluation method of frangibility of frangible pistol bullets when hitting to the defined target is presented.