Compensation of springback in large sheet metal forming

Tomáš Pačák, František Tatíček, Michal Valeš

Compensation of springback in large sheet metal forming

Číslo: 5/2019
Periodikum: Acta Polytechnica
DOI: 10.14311/AP.2019.59.0483

Klíčová slova: Springback, sheet metal forming, compensation, numerical simulation, AutoForm.

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Anotace: A precise production of sheet metal parts has always been a main goal in press shops. Highest quality demands are required especially in automotive production. Unfortunately, even today, the production is not optimal due to an ineffective approach to the springback compensation. Springback results in geometrical shape inaccuracies of the obtained product. Based on the current approach, excessive time and financial costs emerge due to corrections on the press tools. However, these corrections do not always lead to a better accuracy of the stampings. The main objective of the research is to design a modified solution of the current approach. The modified solution is designed as a methodology with a focus on the analysis and compensation of the springback with a help of a numerical simulation. To achieve the main goal, smaller sub-goals are employed. These sub-goals, or rather experiments, mainly focus on parameters, which, more or less, influence the springback phenomenon. The designed methodology is verified with real car body parts and is carried out with a help of the department of the press tools design in ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. There, the methodology is used for improving the accuracy of the stamping process of the car body parts and for improving the quality of the final product.