Pôdoochranné technológie obrábania pôdy

Richard Pospíšil

Pôdoochranné technológie obrábania pôdy

Číslo: 2/2020
Periodikum: Životné prostredie

Klíčová slova: conservation tillage, soil loosening, erosion mitigation effect, soil hydro-physical properties, maintaining soil fertility

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Anotace: The essence of soil protective cultivation processes is to retain all that catalyzes soil fertileness and eliminate many harmful influences to soil caused by wrong farming proceedings. These processes are characterized by target manipulation of post harvesting plant pieces (eddish, stumps, reeds) for soil preservation counter to erosion and for rising up organic content and soil humidity. It is mainly realized by agrotechnic manipulation like soil loosening but without its retorting in various soil depth. Conservation tillage is based on reduction of basic tillage intensity. The aim is to achieve the stable soil structure, keeping post harvesting plant pieces of agricultural previous crops and intercrops in the soil top or shallow mingling with harvested soil.