Cost estimation using new rules of measurements 3 in BIM 360

Islam Mohammed Khalil

Cost estimation using new rules of measurements 3 in BIM 360

Číslo: 2/2019
Periodikum: Business & IT
DOI: 10.14311/bit.2019.02.02

Klíčová slova: Cost Estimation, BIM 360, New Rules of Measurements (NRM3), Maintenance

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Anotace: Cost estimates are prepared to different ends throughout the project lifecycle. Up front, the goal is to provide input for investment decisions. The cost estimate is used to determine the size of the required investment to create or modify assets and the elements of the building during the maintenance phase. The Paper examines The implementation of BIM 360 as a common data platform for construction workflows in cost estimation by connecting all the stakeholders and provide the ability to collaborate all stakeholders in a single platform which is containing information model proceeds throughout the life cycle of the construction work and ideally it contains all the information , issues, associated with elements in the model composition ,measuring and dividing the building into elements associated with its information were required to address the problems associated with the measurement of building construction works and future maintenance works using New Rules Of measurements 3, at maintenance stage depending on elemental method of a building project and estimate the costs accurately.