Carbon Pricing Mechanism for the Energy Industry

Yuanyuan Guo, Xunjie Gou, Zeshui Xu, Marinko Skare

Carbon Pricing Mechanism for the Energy Industry

Číslo: 1/2022
Periodikum: Acta Montanistica Slovaca
DOI: 10.46544/AMS.v27i1.05

Klíčová slova: Carbon pricing, Energy industry, Bibliometric analysis, Paris Agreement, Energy transition

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Anotace: The carbon market can guide the optimal allocation of carbon

emission reduction resources through price signals, and it can
reduce the cost of emission reduction in the entire society, promote
investment in green and low-carbon industries, and then guide the
capital flow. Therefore, the carbon pricing mechanism has
encouraged the energy transition and effectively mitigating climate
change. Additionally, the primary source of carbon emissions is the
rapid growth of energy use, such as coal and crude oil. Therefore,
carbon pricing plays a vital role in promoting energy transitions,
such as the transition from high-carbon energy (coal and oil) to lowcarbon energy (natural gas) and clean energy (nuclear and
renewable resources). Our study is devoted to investigating the
impact of carbon pricing on the energy industry using bibliometric
analysis and visual investigation. We analyze existing research
trends on the impact of carbon pricing on the energy industry from
different angles and review the effect of carbon pricing on various
energy industries. We search for optimal carbon pricing models and
pricing policies that impact the energy industry. Our study
contributes to the literature by discussing the challenges and future
study recommendations.