Novel Tactical Ballistic Shield Technology

G. T. Desmoulin, M.–A. Nolette

Novel Tactical Ballistic Shield Technology

Číslo: 2/2018
Periodikum: Advance in military technology
DOI: 10.3849/aimt.01195

Klíčová slova: blast, shield, injury, biomechanics, tactical

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Anotace: This study investigates the performance of a shield appliqué technology designed to protect the user from blast injury. This technology was compared against three other ballistic shields of varying mass using a fixed charge configuration. An instrumented anthropomorphic test dummy (ATD) was used along with pressure sensors to determine injury risk. Results showed that lighter shields offered less protection than their heavier counterparts with higher probability of head, chest, arm and leg injuries. Additionally, when comparing the appliqué to a mass-matched shield, relevant loadings were reduced on average by 21 %. Overall, the ballistic shield appliqué technology shows promise for becoming a tool for blast mitigation in the short to medium term.