Development of ATC Tower Systems

Pavel Černý, Matěj Nesvadba, Stanislav Pleninger

Development of ATC Tower Systems

Číslo: 20/2016
Periodikum: Magazine of Aviation Development
DOI: 10.14311/MAD.2016.20.03

Klíčová slova: Clearance; Electronic flight strip system; Start-Up Manager; TAXI milestone, Odbavení; Systém elektronických letových pásů; Spouštěcí správce; TAXI milník

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Anotace: This article describes the Electronic Flight Strip System used at Václav Havel Airport Prague and presents the results of an analysis of the clearance input from ATCOs. The outcomes indicate that various clearances are frequently issued together in a common time frame, usually depending on the traffic flow structure. The focus then moves towards the implementation of the TAXI milestone into the Start-Up Manager. The used statistic methods indicate that the amount of TTOT recalculations after AOBT decreases, but not significantly. However, the accuracy of TTOT after TAXI clearance is considerably better. The mean and most common deviation of ATOT from TTOT after the implementation of TAXI milestone is -1 minute. The results are challenged and confirmed by a further analysis of the TTOT-ATOT difference regarding individual stand/RWY pairs. The results may be used to adjust the assumed taxi times.