Organisational Aspects of Air Show Safety and Security

R. Hać, J. Kozuba

Organisational Aspects of Air Show Safety and Security

Číslo: 2/2017
Periodikum: Advance in military technology
DOI: 10.3849/aimt.01188

Klíčová slova: air show, health and safety, security, management

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Anotace: Every year, there are a dozen or so air shows organised in Poland. Their character varies from flying club shows, through air picnics, which are getting more and more popular, to big civil-military international air shows. Their organisation demands the involvement of many institutions and a close cooperation of them at every level, of the event planning and execution, as well as ensuring safety by maintaining operational readiness, of the resources engaged in the show. The character of the air show leads us to a conclusion that the whole security system (ensuring air and ground safety) needs to be organised in such a way that it will meet high safety standards at all stages of the process. The aim of this work is to develop a coherent concept of planning, organisation and implementation of an air show with all necessary safety regulations, as well as taking into consideration possible safety hazards and risks which may occur. To solve this problem, the author tries to answer the following question: What kind of factors needs to be taken into consideration during the air show preparation in order to maintain its required level of safety and security?