Internet Use and Abuse

Eva Milková, Petra Ambrožová

Internet Use and Abuse

Číslo: 2/2018
Periodikum: Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science
DOI: 10.7160/eriesj.2018.110201

Klíčová slova: internet addiction, learning styles, school cheating, school disruption

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Anotace: Modern information and communication technologies have progressed quickly. Mobile technology, personal computers and the Internet have become closely linked to human life. However, all these devices and their use bring various pitfalls. Cheating of pupils and students in the school environment has been an interdisciplinary issue linked not only to pedagogy, but also to the whole range of sub-disciplines, like for example social pedagogy or etopedy. The latter disciplines have been significantly interfered by information and communication technologies that bring new forms of illegal school activities. Due to modern technologies we can also trace an increase of inattention of pupils and students and their tendency to distraction during lessons. Signs of Internet addiction among pupils and students can be observed more often. The paper deals with a research focusing on Internet use by secondary school youth and possible risks of using the Internet for them. Three aspects entering the educational process of adolescents are discussed there; Internet use, school cheating and Internet addictive behavior. In addition, a relation between possible risks of Internet use and educational strategies according the Learning Combination Inventory originated by Christine A. Johnston was examined within the research.