Silent Reading Comprehension in Fifth Grade Pupils

Zuzana Hoždorová, Olga Kučerová

Silent Reading Comprehension in Fifth Grade Pupils

Číslo: 3/2017
Periodikum: Gramotnost, pregramotnost a vzdělávání

Klíčová slova: reading development, silent reading, reading comprehension, assessment of reading

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Anotace: The submitted contribution is an introduction to a research study that focussed on

the charting of the mode of silent reading comprehension of fi fth grade students. Attention
is paid to the theoretical concept of the national reading diagnostics by advised practice that
more closely introduces the silent reading test. The test is the subject of modifi cation and examination
in our research, which is hereafter described as the phenomenon of silent reading.
Subsequently we introduce the introduction of the research methodology, including the aims,
useful methods, a description of our sample and experimental questions that will follow up with
research fi ndings. The data acquisition took place through group administration. The research
was conducted with a collaboration of 8 elementary schools and 127 fi fth grade students took part
in the research study. Statistically signifi cant differences were established from the viewpoint
of a) gender (girls scored higher than boys in the explicit score in the original version of the
test) and b) the effect of handwriting, where we found marginal statistical signifi cance. This
statistical difference lies in the fact that the students who write in traditional cursive score
higher in silent reading than the students writing in Comenia Script in the implicit score in the
new test version.