A New Structural Model of Visual Competencies in Visual Literacy

Diederik Schönau, Andrea Kárpáti, Constanze Kirchner, Maria Letsiou

A New Structural Model of Visual Competencies in Visual Literacy

Číslo: 3/2020
Periodikum: Gramotnost, pregramotnost a vzdělávání

Klíčová slova: visual competency, competency model, framework of reference, production of art, reception of art, CEFR-VC

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Anotace: The Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy is work in progress. The Framework was published as a prototype and as the project itself was also limited

in terms of time and resources, it is left to colleagues in the fi eld to elaborate on what was
presented. In this contribution the sixteen sub-competencies that constitute the core of the
model are discussed. In the prototype these sub-competencies were presented as a cloud of
concepts without any internal structure. This leaves much to be interpreted by researchers,
curriculum developers, and educators. In order to arrive at a more practical and transparent
model, a working group of ENViL here presents a new version of these sub-competencies. It
is hoped for that this version pays credit to the dynamic, process-oriented character of these
competencies – and the subject in general – and will also make it easier to apply them in the
domains of both production and reception, as distinguished in the prototype. It is also hoped that
this alternative will generate further discussion and research on, for example, the consequences
for assignments and assessment, the relationship with what are called 21st-century skills, and
the validation of competency levels.