Conversations on Visual Literacy, Resonance, and a Found Cat

Tedi E. Asher, Peter Carpreau, Lode Vermeersch, Ernst Wagner

Conversations on Visual Literacy, Resonance, and a Found Cat

Číslo: 3/2020
Periodikum: Gramotnost, pregramotnost a vzdělávání

Klíčová slova: visual literacy, perception, resonance, museum education, art mediation

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Anotace: : In this paper four experts, all involved in art education but with different backgrounds,

analyse, apply, and challenge the concept of visual literacy when it comes to museum education.
They do so in four conversations based on four different pieces of the visual world. Those are
the starting points of the conversations because the authors are convinced that visual literacy
offers specifi c tools that invite people to use their competencies and at the same time helps
them to question the act of seeing. In the series of ‘tetralogues’ some often overlooked elements
of visual literacy are articulated and discussed, such as immersion, attention, metacognition,
metaperception, embodiment, initiation, and resonance. The ultimate aim of the paper is to
spark the readers’ interest and invite them to join this philosophical refl ection process on
how to turn the act of seeing of an image into a meaningful experience. Thus, the tetralogue
becomes a polylogue.